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Change of Residence Certificate (C.C.R)

The CCR is established in order to enable Algerian citizens planning to return home, to take back their personal belongings, including a new car.

General conditions

- Applicant must be registered at the Embassy.
-Applicant must provide documents which show three (03) years of legal and uninterrupted residency abroad.
-Applicant must not have benefited already for a CCR.
-The CCR is granted once only to the Head of the family. It is valid for six (06) months from the date of issuance and cannot be extended without the approval of the Algerian Customs.

Total value of the CCR:

- 400 million Algerian Dinars for students and trainees.
- 500 million Algerian Dinars for the others.

Vehicle Specification:

- A new vehicle (voiture touristique) whose engine size must not exceed 1800 cm3 (for gas model) or 2000 cm3 (for Diesel model).
- A new Light Commercial Vehicle (véhicule utilitaire neuf) whose total weight (Poids total en charge) must not exceed 5.950 tons.
- A two wheel vehicle subject to registration (Motor Bike).

Required Documents:

- CCR application form.
- Original consular registration card + two (02) copies.
- Algerian passport + two (02) copies of the first page.
- Original copies of proof of residency in the consular district + two (02) copies;
- Vehicle registration documents, issued under the name of the applicant + two (02) copies.
- Inventory of personal belongings.
- Original invoice for the car + two (02) copies.
- Proof of activity or enrolment certificate for students or trainees.
* 50$ and 400DA for each 10.000DA. This fee is reduced by 50% for students.
* The presence of the holder of the CCR is compulsory to carry out customs procedures. Power of Attorney (Procuration) is not allowed.
* The issuance of the CCR leads to the cancellation of the applicant's consular registration. To re-register, applicant must wait six (06) months and must provide a new registration file.

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